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Since 1999, AdvanceTech Monitor has been a trusted source for expert information on business, medical and technology issues.

The newest member of Advanstar Communication’s IndustryMatter network, AdvanceTech Monitor will continue to serve informational needs with world-class industry events, conference documentation, and research reports — but now through an industry-leading, one-stop online resource, IndustryMatter.

At AdvanceTech Monitor our mission is to provide a broad range of information-based products and services, derived through expert research, to help senior executives get a clear grasp on complex technology developments and the business strategies required for their commercialization.

Our product portfolio is developed to meet specific needs of professionals who work in technology-driven industries or in industries seeking growth opportunities by investing in innovative technologies.

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AdvanceTech Monitor analysts have the insight and expertise required to filter and make sense of the vast amount of technology and business information available today. We assemble the essence of this information into a comprehensive, easy-to-understand document along with critical analysis.

Product Features and Benefits

- User-friendly electronic format with a clear, logical structure
- Fully indexed and searchable for quick reference
- Useful industry intelligence extracted from volumes of business and technology information
- Expert analysis and commentaries for added insight

The synergy between content and presentation of the information in our reports enables busy executives who use our services to make better informed strategic decisions when developing, commercializing or investing into complex technologies.

Featured Products

Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategies: Optimizing returns throughout R&D and marketing

Pricing regulations and reimbursement trends are continually changing in response to ever increasing cost containment pressures; impending Medicare reform in the US, continued price cuts in Japan and increasing reference pricing and parallel trade throughout Europe are likely to lead to continued downward pressure on global pharmaceutical prices. At the same time, pharmaceutical earnings are being squeezed by heightened competition and flagging R&D productivity levels. The new management report Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategies: Optimizing returns throughout R&D and marketing, examines global pricing of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products and maps out the future scenarios affecting companies. This report provides a framework for devising an optimal pricing strategy in order to maximize the returns from new and established products.

Our price: $ 1,900.00

The Pharmaceutical Sales Force Outlook: Structures and strategies to maximize ROI and boost product uptake

The management report, ‘The Pharmaceutical Sales Force Outlook: Structures and strategies to maximize ROI and boost product uptake’ provides a detailed, timely examination of sales force structures and the factors that impact sales force return on investment (ROI). The report is based on interviews conducted with sales executives in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK uncovering sales force structures and strategies to maximize sales force ROI. Analysis of trends in sales force size, structure and use of technology for companies of different sizes and in different countries are provided to support future strategic planning. The report examines the factors that affect sales force ROI, presents models for assessing both field force productivity and ROI and recommends how pharmaceutical companies can maximize ROI through effective sales force management.

Our price: $ 1,900.00

The Blockbuster Drug Outlook To 2007: Identifying, creating and maintaining the pharmaceutical industry’s growth drivers

The Blockbuster Outlook Drugs to 2007: Identifying, creating and maintaining the pharmaceutical industry’s growth drivers, a new management report, provides timely sales data on all 58 products generating sales above $1bn in 2002. This analysis will help you to assess which therapy areas offer the greatest potential for blockbuster sales for your company and will support your strategic planning and business development. This new report forecasts the current and potential future blockbuster drugs to 2007 and details strategies to create and maintain blockbusters. This novel analytical framework will help you to improve the returns on R&D by optimizing the product sales throughout the lifecycle.

Our price: $ 1,900.00

The Lifestyle Drugs Outlook to 2008: Unlocking new value in well-being

The lifestyle drugs market is currently worth a phenomenal $23bn; to boost its value, pharmaceutical companies are actively searching for new lifestyle products and conditions. The Lifestyle Drugs Outlook to 2008: Unlocking new value in well-being, provides a timely market update, examining leading products and pipeline prospects in seven key lifestyle drug sectors, and is supported by forecasts to 2008. Today’s R&D is influenced as much by commercial unmet needs as it is by clinical opportunities and chance. Pharmaceutical companies must react quickly to these needs if they are to reap greater financial returns. This report can help you to assess the premium associated with different lifestyle drug markets and identify the potential for higher volume sales.

Our price: $ 1,900.00

The Women’s Health Outlook to 2008: Market and pipeline analysis of major female disorders

The new management report, ‘The Women’s Health Outlook to 2008: Market and pipeline analysis of major female disorders’ evaluates the strategies applied and revenues realized by pharmaceutical companies targeting women. Substantial unmet need exists in the women’s health arena and this report identifies the profitable marketing opportunities pharmaceutical companies can pursue by developing their franchises for this market. This report examines the four major female disorders: hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, hormonal contraception and female sexual dysfunction. market growth, pipeline analysis and product forecasts to 2008 are analyzed for each of these four markets, aiding future strategy formulation. Women’s continuum of healthcare needs makes them a more lucrative marketing target than men.

Our price: $ 1,900.00



KnowledgeBase is an annotated collection of reviewed websites that offer in-depth information on

- pharmaceuticals
- biotechnology
- medical devices
- specific therapeutic areas
- medical specialties

Whether you are conducting market research or just want to keep up with the news in your industry, KnowledgeBase provides a launch point for a focused annuities exploration. Recognizing that it is easy to get lost in a sea of information, we do not attempt to list every website on a topic, but only those that provide the richest set of publicly available information. Here you will find comprehensive databases for:

- drug compounds
- clinical trials
- government grants
- strategic alliances
- news archives
- patents and intellectual property
- local and worldwide business information

You will also find encyclopedic compendia of medical information, regulatory information, industry magazines and journals, and conference listings. We hope this resource list provides you with useful information. If you are aware of any other website that would be appropriate to include in KnowledgeBase, please send your comments to us or click on the “Submit a Site” button.