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Client-Defined Studies

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Client-Defined Studies

AdvanceTech Monitor offers customized services to client companies faced with strategic decisions related to the commercialization of novel technologies. The scope of this service is determined by the client and designed to give answers to well-defined questions. A senior AdvanceTech Monitor analyst with relevant industry and technology expertise works closely with the client to identify the key strategic issues and carry out all necessary research to prepare a final report. Advisory or consulting services may also be retained on an ongoing basis as a market/technology analysis outsourcing solution.

Areas of Coverage

  • Drug DiscoveryTechnologies
  • Novel Approaches in Specific Therapeutic Areas
  • Medical Device and Related Technologies
  • Computer Technologies in Medicine
  • Electricity/Natural Gas Industries Credentials

Our analysts come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive business experience and knowledge. They have authored industry reports in their area of expertise and acted as independent consultants on technology and business issues to corporate clients worldwide.

To arrange for a free initial consultation with a Senior Analyst, contact Dr. Mike Silver at or 781-939-2585

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