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Choose your report from a variety of topics and formats:

Industry Reports
AR910Pharmacogenomics – Impact on Drug Discovery
AR907Novel Approaches to Neurodegenerative Disorders
AR905Virtual Reality and Computer-Aided Technologies in Medicine
AC909 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs): Commercial and Scientific Prospects
AC906Proteomics: A Key Enabling Tool for Genomics


Industry Perspectives
AM300T&D Asset Management
AM200Generic Drugs and Brand Lifecycle Strategies
AM015Knowledge Management
AM014Drug Delivery Technologies
AM0132nd Edition – The Business Case for Pharmacogenomics
AM012Pharmaceutical/Biotech R&D Alliances
AM011Predictive Toxicology
AM005The Rationale for Predictive Drug Metabolism
AM006Disseminating Off-Label Information
AM004Marketing and Supporting Pharmaceuticals Over the Internet
AM002The Business Case for Pharmacogenomics
AM001Research Informatics in Drug Discovery
AM911Optimizing Lead Selection (3 Volumes)
AM911AOptimizing Lead Selection – High Throughput Screening Assays
AM911BOptimizing Lead Selection – In Silico Biology
AM911COptimizing Lead Selection – Early Compound Attrition
AM909The Business Case for Fuel Cell Technology
AM908Industrialization of Drug Discovery
AM908A Process Optimization in Drug Discovery
AM908BKnowledge Management in Drug Discovery
AM907Design and Management of Pharmaceutical R&D Alliances


Focus Reports
AM906Virtual Reality Based Medical Technologies
AM905Computer-Assisted Surgical Technologies


Report Articles
AM911DPharmacogenomics Impact on Early Lead Selection
AM908CHigh Velocity Laboratory – Applying Manufacturing Process Techniques to Research
AM908DHigh Throughput Target Discovery and Validation – Maximizing Productivity in Genomics
AM908EAn Operations Approach to Combinatorial Chemistry
AM907AR&D Alliances – Lessons Learned from the Computer Industry
AM907BKey Terms and Provisions of Pharmaceutical Alliance Agreements
AM907CR&D Partnering as Viewed by Wall Street
AM907DThe Consortium as a Financial and Business Model
AM907EFinancing a Biotechnology Company Through Corporate Partnerships


Report Series
AS906Tracking Corporate Performance and Growth Strategies of Leading Utilities

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