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Automotive Logistics 2002

Automotive Logistics 2002 gives an insight into the logistics needs of the automotive industry manufacturers in Europe. It also reveals the size of the markets in which logistics companies operate, giving forecasts for future growth potential.

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Vendor Managed Inventory – Future Focus

This brief details the process of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and how it has been implemented throughout the world to improve business performance. The advantages and disadvantages of the model are discussed with a strong emphasis on future supply chain models such as CPFR.

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MarketWatch: Energy (1 Yr Subscription)

Datamonitor’s Energy MarketWatch is a one-stop news shop for time-pressed executives. It provides monthly insight into what’s happening in the energy markets, bringing you the latest news, analysis and opinion in oil, gas and utilities.

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Winning the Green Energy Customer – opening up the new residential market

This report examines whether and to what extent individuals in Europe are willing to purchase the supply of green energy, potentially paying a premium for products that provide public environmental benefits. Green power marketing – by which we mean the business of selling electricity products distinguished by their environmental attributes – has yet to see product uptakes anywhere near the level anticipated by numerous market research studies. Indeed, whilst this market research commonly finds that a majority of Europeans would be willing to pay a premium for renewable energy, thus far we have found little evidence of large-scale behavioral change, either in the energy market or indeed in several comparable markets.

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Best Practice Customer Retention – Cost Effective Strategies to Maximise Residential Customer Loyalty

Increasing costs of replacing customers and the strategic need to develop the customer base has placed greater focus upon delivering best practice in retaining customers to improve lifetime value. As direct sales tactics continue to win even those customers who are satisfied with their utility, new strategies need to be employed if customer value and margins are to be preserved.

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Competitor Tracking, Supplier Performance in the Dutch Major Power User Sector

Since the advent of competition, over half of customers in the Dutch >1GWh sector have changed supplier. Based on 355 in-depth interviews with Dutch electricity buyers, this report assesses the performance of the sector’s leading suppliers. Specifically, it explores customer gains and losses on a case-by-case basis and assesses suppliers’ performance in meeting the customer service

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Guidebook of Funds and Incentives for Distributed Energy Resources

The Guidebook provides a comprehensive listing and description of federal and state government, and utility programs that can be leveraged to reduce the cost and increase the value of distributed energy resource projects. The Guidebook provides extensive information concerning over 200 different federal and state funding and incentive programs for distributed energy resources.

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MarketWatch: Automotive (1 Yr Subscription)

Datamonitor’s Automotive MarketWatch is a one-stop news shop for time-pressed executives. It provides monthly insight into the key events in the automotive market, giving you the latest automotive news, analysis and opinion.

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